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Disaster Recovery

Built into all of our cloud hosting solutions, right from the beginning.

It’s been said that there are two kinds of people…

                 those who have lost data and those who will…


Businesses that don’t take measures to protect data run the risk of having a major loss of intellectual property, contacts, financial data, and other valuable information. At best this can result in a tarnished reputation and some lost effort. At worst this can put a company completely out of business.

Our disaster recovery solutions are built for your peace of mind.   When trouble strikes, you want a cloud company that is prepared, and can get your backup up and running quickly.

All of our cloud hosting solutions, include full disaster recovery, built in, for no extra charge, because we feel it’s that important!

Automatically Backup Everything, Try it for Free

With SCO Cloud, you can backup each and every desktop or server you host in our cloud, so your data is completely protected. Plus, you can try it for free. Included with every virtual machine deployed in our infrastructure are two weeks’ worth of free, automatic backups. If more backups are required we can customize a backup plan that matches your business requirements.

Automatic Mirroring

SCO Cloud automatically replicates your production virtual machines from one of our East Coast data centers to our Las Vegas data center or vise versa. This ensures that in the unlikely event of a data center failure or a local disaster, your virtual servers are safe, in a separate location. This lets us get you back up and running if there’s any kind of issue. You can also select which data centers you’d like to use as a primary hosting site and which will store your backups.

DR Planning

SCO Cloud can help you test your disaster recovery plan and spring into action to ensure your business needs are met or exceeded.

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