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Cloud Backup

Reliable cloud hosting solutions, right from the beginning.

It’s been said that there are two kinds of people…
those who have lost data and those who will…

Businesses that don’t take measures to protect data run the risk of having a major loss of intellectual property, contacts, financial data, and other valuable information. At best this can result in a tarnished reputation and some lost effort. At worst this can put a company completely out of business.
Our disaster recovery solutions are built for your peace of mind. When trouble strikes, you want a cloud company that is prepared, and can get your backup up and running quickly.
All of our cloud hosting solutions, include full disaster recovery, built in, for no extra charge, because we feel it’s that important!

Cloud Backup

Cloud BackupHere at SCO Cloud, it is our mission to make cloud backup and computing as simple as possible. Our services are for small to mid-sized businesses. We are able to make the process simple by investing in the best available technology, while having a team that loves technology and providing outstanding customer service.

Our services are created to give our customers reliable, fast, affordable, and a powerful cloud platform for hosting crucial business information and applications. We specialize in UNIX, Linux, Windows and more to ensure our clients get everything they need from our cloud computing services.

For more information on cloud backup or if you have any questions about our cloud computing services, call us today at 914-940-3530. You can also fill out the contact form located on this page and one of our knowledgeable associates will get back to you shortly.

Reliable Cloud Backup

At SCO Cloud, we have designed our cloud backup services to provide an off-site backup of your critical servers and workstations. You will also have the ability to restore your systems from these backups at any time. This provides peace of mind knowing that all of your critical data and information can be restored if something goes wrong.

Once you are connected to our Cloud Backup service through Veeam Network, your Veeam Software will display your backup options. All that you have to do is point your off-site replication jobs to these replication and backup resources and then they go to the cloud.

Now that you have your crucial data pointed to the cloud, you can failover any machine at any time. If you have complete site failure on your end, we provide a portal which allows you to launch your failover plans from anywhere.

SCO Cloud Backup

Our cloud services are housed in Tier-3 or Tier-4 data centers, with a minimum SSAE, Type II certification, which results in 99.999% uptime. For more information on our cloud backup services or if you have any questions about our other services, call us today at 914-940-3530. Or fill out the contact form on this page and we will respond shortly.

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100% Uptime SLA Guaranteed

Our cloud is housed in geographically diverse Tier-3 or Tier-4 data centers, with a minimum of SSAE 16, Type II certification, which translates to five nines (99.999%) of uptime or greater. From bandwidth to power and cooling, you’ll always be up and running — guaranteed.


100% Uptime SLA Guaranteed

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